Who Stole My Mojo?

who-stole-my-mojoHow to get it back and live, work and play better. 

Gary’s second book ‘Who Stole My Mojo?’ was released in June 2008. Published by Allen & Unwin, it is available in all good bookstores nationwide. In January 2009, Who Stole My Mojo? was released in the UK.

Mojo – it’s your magic, verve, pizzaz, oomph, get up and go, your zip, your spark. It’s that little bit of extra energy we all need to get the most out of life, it’s the difference between having a good day and a GREAT day.

Lose your Mojo and you know it. You’re not firing on all cylinders and life has a tendency to be bland and mediocre. If you’re asking ‘Who stole my Mojo?’ this book will give you the essential keys to get it back and get it working again in your life!